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Customized solutions

Our approach is always client-oriented. Work with our dedicated specialists to develop a solution tailored for your business.




Who We Are

Founded in 2022, Zedora Distribution is a family business that imports and exports fast moving customer goods, while stays grounded in its values and principles.

One company. Limitless solutions.

Our purpose is to work hard in order to earn and keep customers’ trust, by implementing customized solutions in the FMCG sector

1. Possible ways of delivery

We can organise transport by road, train and ship. We are collaborating with reliable
contractors and we are able to provide full trucks and mix deliveries of single pallets,
depending on the goods you are ordering.

2. How long does it take to receive a quotation?

Our sales specialist will contact you in 48 hours from the moment you have sent us your

3. How can I check if the order is in accordance to my order?

Our customers cand always inspect the products on our collaborators sites and they
can always verify if the loading is processed correctly by receiving photo documentation
or CCTV footage, made on our collaborator’s sites.

4. How can I place an order?

After our sales specialists have dealt with your inquiries and you decide to place an order, a 100% deposit condition is asked for both foreign and domestic customers. We cannot guarantee prices and stock availability if the amount is not
settled on our account.

5. Is it possible to have products labelled in certain languages before loading?

As an additional service, we can offer product labeling, for an extra charge.

6. What currencies do you accept?

We accept RON, EUR and USD payments.


Why us

Our vision is to seek to understand customer’s needs

Zedora Distribution’s mission is to offer premium services to our partners and customers, based on special prices, a wide range of products and a professional approach. We have excellent relationships with key partners around the world.

…and to achieve excellence by discovering custom solutions and delivering the best services for everyone, at the same time maintaining the best experience from start to end.

Genuine and trustworthy partner

Customised solutions for each client

Driving prices

Original products

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